• All owners divided randomly into mini leagues
  • Each league then has a separate fantasy draft (meaning you will share some players with other managers from other mini leagues)
  • For the first 10 weeks of the NFL season, you will have your regular weekly matchup and also a matchup against your mini-league's average scoring for the week.
  • Top 6 teams of every mini league make the playoffs
  • All playoff teams get thrown into THE FIELD
  • Playoff progression will then be your score versus THE FIELD
  • As multiple owners within THE FIELD will have similar players, the teams that finish in the top percentile of highest scoring teams of all playoff teams will progress


  • No Trading Allowed
  • Waivers: $100 Blind Bidding
  • No Stat Corrections


  • 1 QB
  • 2 RB
  • 2 WR
  • 1 TE
  • 2 FLEX (RB/WR/TE)
  • 3 FLEX (RB/WR)
  • 6 BENCH



  • 6 points per passing TD
  • -4 points per interception
  • -2 points for a pick-six
  • 1 point per 25 yards passing (0.04 points per yard)
  • 2 points per 2-point conversion


  • 6 points per rushing TD
  • 1 point per 10 yards rushing (0.1 points per yard)
  • 2 points per 2-point conversion
  • -1 point for a fumble
  • -1 point for a lost fumble


  • 6 points per receiving TD
  • 1 point per 10 yards receiving (0.1 points per yard)
  • 2 points per 2-point conversion
  • 0.5 points per reception




Time Expiration During Draft:

  • If you let your clock expire, a player will be selected based on the league host ADP. We won't replace timeouts unless it's a completely unreasonable selection for the ADP.


  • If you miss setting your lineup or don't log in to the site in over 14 days, the commissioner may replace you.

Accidental Drop / Lineup Move / Picks:

  • Accidental Drop: You must contact the commissioner within a reasonable amount of time to reverse it should someone else pick that player up. Obvious accidents will be fixed. You can't let a starting-caliber player get dropped and then added to a new team. It alters the integrity of the league.
  • Accidental Lineup Move: You must contact the commissioner within a reasonable amount of time to reverse it, and the mistake must be somewhat obvious.
  • Accidental Picks: You must contact the commissioner immediately. Preferably no other picks made; if too many are made, reverting may not be possible.

Undroppable Players:

  • As an anti-collusion and anti-tanking measure, there may be players deemed “undroppable.” Start-worthy players and players ranked high enough they should be rostered are generally considered undroppable given the depth of rosters allowed. The commissioner will determine if a player is undroppable and correct it if done. The commissioner will also decide whether a player was dropped in an attempt at collusion or tanking.


  • Trading does not lock on Sleeper. Trading in Dream League on Sleeper that goes unreported will result in the league being disqualified and deleted among other things.

Waiver Moves:

  • Waivers will run Wednesdays at 1 PM EST.
  • After 1 PM EST Wednesday, it will be First Come, First Serve until kickoff of each player's game.
  • The first waiver run is the Wednesday before week 1 at 1 PM EST.

Waiver Moves Once Eliminated:

  • If your team has been eliminated from the playoffs, you are not allowed to make waiver moves. If it happens and we are notified, we may do our best to revert or find a solution for the issue.

Setting Lineups:

  • Each week, if you have not set a lineup by Thursday morning at 6 AM EST, the Sleeper projections will be used to set your lineup.

Best Interest Clause:

  • Should circumstances, issues, or problems arise for which a remedy is not stated in the Rules, the Commissioner reserves the right to take whatever actions they deem necessary in the best interest of the league.


  • Playoffs: Week 11 to Week 16


  • Round 1 - Week 11: Top 80% in team scoring will progress
  • Round 2 - Week 12: Top 80% in team scoring will progress
  • Round 3 - Week 13: Top 75% in team scoring will progress
  • Quarters - Week 14: Top 50% in team scoring will progress
  • Semis - Week 15: Top 50% in team scoring will progress
  • Finals - Week 16: Top scoring team wins the Championship