The Edge - NFL Week 2

The Edge - NFL Week 2

Introducing The Edge, our weekly Pick 'Em contest within the CardChasers Team. And they did not disappoint.

Pending MNF, the Team is currently 7/8 with The Pro, Mikey V, currently in 1st in the standings going 3/3 on Sunday.

The Kid, Mike Luci, taking a big loss with a ML pick on the Raiders, who couldn't close out the game even with a 20 point lead going into half-time.

Let's see if The Fade, JVelzz, can also sweep the board and stay neck and neck with Mikey V going into next week. He'll need the Eagles to cover the 2.5 points at home to the Vikings and their dynamic duo of Cousins and Jefferson. 


Week 2 Leaderboard
 The Pro 3 3
The Fade 3 3
The Kid 1 1
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